CGP and Subsidiaries


Capital Growth Planning, Inc. (“CGP” or “the Company”) was established in 1969 as a diversified financial services corporation. CGP is the parent company of  three wholly-owned subsidiaries that have collectively developed multiple structured financial products and programs (“Financial Structures”) designed to  service the institutional market and the commercial and merchant banking markets, for collateral enhancement. Many of these products are specifically designed for financing, collateral  and yield enhancement opportunities delivered under  direct formations, partnership programs, special purpose vehicles (SPVs), Limited Liability Company's (LLCs), joint ventures (JVs), and wholesale distribution, or syndications.  CGP primarily focuses on structured financial products and services that are innovative, structurally sophisticated, and conducive to specific market niches that currently have little or no product/service representation which include its LIBACSM and LICBS products.  See CGP products for more details.  

The following companies make up CGP’s two wholly-owned subsidiaries:

Capital Growth Insurance Services, Inc. ("CGIS")  was formed in 1992 and works with contracted agencies and agents in a wholesale brokerage agency capacity.  CGIS and its Managing Agency Partners have developed several highly marketable and “exclusive” structured insurance products, which allows a full line of life insurance backed product solutions for individual, corporate, business, non-profit, and/or estate planning clients.  Its programs utilize the most up-to-date finance techniques available in the marketplace for clients with net worth's in excess of $1 million (excluding personal residence). CGIS has also contracted with multiple carriers, offering numerous life insurance products, including Term, Whole, Universal, Index “Linked” & Variable Life, Long Term Care, and/or Disability Insurance, as well as Fixed, Multi-purpose, Index “Linked” & Variable Annuity products. Recommended Life Insurance Carriers must always meet the highest rating standards from Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”), Moody’s and/or Duff & Phelps.

Capital Growth Realty, Inc. ("CGR") was formed in 1986 as a full service real estate brokerage firm. CGR has created several proprietary lending structures that are offered under the brand names of "Secured Lending Obligations" and "Secured Purchase Obligations".  Due to the proprietary nature of these programs, please call our office for more information regarding same.  CGR also allows its agents to counsel and service their clients in all other types of real estate transactions, including reverse mortgage strategies and 1031 “tax neutral” real estate exchange solutions.







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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck