CGP Related Services


Financial Institution & Banking Services

Through its subsidiaries (see CGP, Subsidiaries),  CGP designs structured finance, investment, wealth management, and yield enhanced products and programs structured for institutional and bank access.  These financial structures include insured “high yield” products, insurance backed products, “principal” protected products and collateral enhanced products (for more information – see CGP Related Products).  These products, programs and structures may be designed for private delivery and/or commercial uses.


Qualified Institutional Services

Also through its subsidiaries, CGP offers structured investment and yield enhancement products specifically designed for the qualified institutional market. These services include structuring, designing and/or implementing bank "guaranteed" yield enhanced investment and structured investments catered to qualified institutional firms. 


Finance Services

Also through is subsidiaries, CGP may offer direct financing structures for "cash strapped" asset rich business opportunities that require specialized structured financing to monetize these assets.  This may also include real estate development, energy and/or mining business opportunities.


Mortgage Banking & Real Estate Services

Also through  its full service real estate brokerage firm subsidiary, Capital Growth Realty, Inc., CGP has licensed agents to represent and service clients in all types of real estate transactions. This firm also allows its licensed agents to counsel and provide clients with reverse mortgage strategies and 1031 “tax neutral” real estate exchange solutions.


Insurance Services

Also through  its life insurance agency subsidiaries (Capital Growth Insurance Services, Inc.), CGP offers insurance based planning solutions to its clients, including traditional & non-traditional insurance products, annuity products, disability products, and premium financed products.


Life Settlement Market

Also through  several of its subsidiaries ( Capital Life Assets, Inc.), CGP offers insurance planning solutions to its clients, including, structuring & sourcing of life settlement policies.



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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck