Capital Growth Planning, Inc., (“CGP” or “the Company”) was established in 1969 as a diversified financial services corporation. CGP is the parent company of three wholly-owned subsidiaries have collectively developed multiple collateral "backed" - investment, insurance, institutional, lending and banking, financial products and programs (“Financial Structures”) designed to service the following markets:

  • The Investment Banking Market (providing financial solutions through structured products) 
  • The International Banking Market (collateral delivery & lending products)
  • The Institutional Lending Market (self-liquidating debentures & bond structures)
  • The Qualified Institutional Market (design, structure & yield enhancement products)
  • The Retail Banking Market (wealth management & deposit products)
  • The Life Insurance Market (traditional & non-traditional premium finance products)
  • The Life Settlement Market (structure, product design & sourcing)

Through its subsidiaries, CGP is directly involved in the development and implementation of structured financial products and programs designed for “principal protected” financing, collateral enhance programs, structured yield and Fund products, self-liquidating note and debenture products, traditional and non-traditional Insurance backed financial  products, structured life settlement sourcing, qualified institutional products and structures, and more recently collateral structures for private lending, institutional lending and commercial and/or merchant banking. The Company's primary role is managing its subsidiary and affiliated companies while developing, promoting and marketing these highly specialized, exclusive, and/or proprietary Financial Structures. Many of these products are specifically designed for direct placement, special purpose vehicles (SPV), partnership programs, product joint ventures, wholesale distribution, and/or financial syndication, while others are designed for co-venture sales, wealth management, and/or commercial and retail banking proformed on an institutional to institutional basis (bank to bank). 



405 East Lexington Avenue  
Suite 201  
El Cajon, CA  92020  
FAX: 619-810-0470 *   


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck